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Apr 7, 2013 6:00pm EDT
are something that even the democrats want to bring up. harry reid -- >> he guaranteed a vote. >> bless his heart. i do not know if there will be a procedural matter. if it is a motion to proceed, which is what is called, that may be the vote. >> you spoke of your influence. talk what will likely be voted on the store. how much influence you can you have in washington compared to the nra? do you think you're gaining ground as more influential? >> i do not have a way to measure that. we're happy to work with the senators that are taking the lead on this. we're very pleased that these were people that we had backed heavily. we've made the right decision during the campaign. many oppose candidates who were from the republican establishment. we are looking for people that are not afraid to go and challenge the establishment. this filibuster probably is doing that in the senate. the same kind of thing seems to be happening. we are getting what we hoped. we are delighted that we identify them in time to help them and their campaigns. these are people that are operation on their conv
Apr 10, 2013 2:00am PDT
biggest change in u.s. gun law in nearly 20 years. majority leader harry reid scheduled a vote for thursday. >> there are strong feelings and deep disagreements about some of the measures. but every one deserves a vote, yes or no, no hiding. no running from an issue that has captivated america. >> as many as 14 republican senators including minority leader mitch mcconnell vowed to filibuster the legislation. a mounting number of senators within the gop now appear willing to break with leadership and allow debate to move forward. >>> a lone star college student was arrested after his stabbing that left 14 people injured. 20-year-old dylan quick told police he'd been planning at tack for some time and that he fantasized about stabbing people for years. one student said he saw police chasing quick and joined in snapping this photo of quick while he was restrained on the ground. officials say quick used a razor like knife to attack victims, some of whom were stabbed in the neck and face. quick is charged with three counts of aggravated assault and is due in court on thursday. >>> the n
Apr 8, 2013 11:00am PDT
. what will harry reid ultimately do tomorrow? will he bring up a democratic bill that has the universal background checks or will he wait for joe manchesteron and patrick toomey to come one some sort of compromise? a sticking point on any compromise is the idea of private sellers keeping records checks of who they're selling to. mitch mcconnell said he had a problem with, if you wanted to sell a shotgun to your next door neighbor, do you have to do a background check on your next door neighbor? the home is by bringing toomey who is very much a spefrt has to win in 2016, he has to do well in suburban areas, will he give cover by allowing some sort of compromise with private sellers with manchin that allows a larger bill to go forward. you've already seen that bloc of 14 republican that's don't want to see any type of new gun control. they're lining up behind that. look at the name you see there. cruz, lee, rand paul, the red meat of the conservative base. our own kasey said that there should not be too much put on the these manchin and toomey talks. tomorrow will be a big day.
Apr 9, 2013 7:00am PDT
harry reid, the majority leader, is going to proceed on gun legislation. i just spoke with some of his top aides and they say that he's going to decide by the end of the day how to proceed. so senators joe manchin and pat toomey, who have been talking about a compromise, they really have until the end of the day to try to hammer something out. if reid decides to go forward in a certain way, we could see a vote on thursday. otherwise, we might have to wait into next week. and we're also waiting to see how republicans are going to conduct that filibuster. they haven't said whether or not they're going to stand on the floor like rand paul did on drones, but they haven't eliminated that possibility. so we could see that in the coming days. >> a lot of moving parts there. perry, as casey was mentioning, we do have that issue of the republicans trying to filibuster, that group of 13. take a listen to what was said here by harry reid. >> those have been yelling the most for this free and open debate are the people sent me a letter saying we're going to filibuster everything that relates t
Apr 3, 2013 9:00pm PDT
race in nevada was supposed to be a cake walk. harry reid's numbers were really bad. everybody expected harry reid to lose his job. everybody knew that the 2010 election was going very republican overall and harry reid was seen as the most vulnerable senator on the democratic side. sharron angle could not lose this race. sharron angle lost that race, and pinpointing exactly where her platform went wrong and how her behavior as a candidate lost the election, frankly, it's impossible to pinpoint, even in retrospect, because the where did i go wrong possibilities are limitless possibilities. was it when sharron angle proposed the basis for u.s. currency should be metals and oils, was it her position of even having a department of education was a violence of constitution? it's hard to say, really. but this did not help. >> thomas jefferson said it's good for our country to have a revolution every 20 years. i hope that's not where we're going, but if this congress keeps going the way it is, people are really looking toward those second amendment remedies. they are saying, my goodness, what c
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Apr 27, 2013 11:00am PDT
from obamacare exchanges. harry reid flatly kenz this comment as one of chief arc tickets announces his retirement but not before issuing this warning to kathleen sebelius about the healthcare's roll out. >> i ee a huge train wreck. i don't see any results yet. what can you do to help all these people around the country, what in the world do i do? i don't know what to do. >> paul: editorial page editor james free man and joe rago join us with more. james, say it ain't so, exempting themselves from obamacare? >> you have to remind yourself the clip from marcus, that is one of guys that liked it when it passed. he helped write the bill. basically this as been anest for years ever since they have been working on the bill wanting to make sure this wonderful experiment they are about to impose on american people doesn't hit members of congress and their staff. negotiations may be a strong word. i'm told that democrats harry reid, hoyer reached out to republicans. the democrats' view they are clarifying that part of obamacare they are also going to keep the great benefits they already hav
Apr 9, 2013 11:00am PDT
mcconnell or like harry reid, remember in his 2010 race, everybody said this old boxer from nevada. mitch mcconnell and harry reid cut from very similar cloths in the way that you just, you don't pick a fight with them unless you really feel like you want to get into a knife fight. you know it will be that. that they will pick you apart. mitch mcconnell will be somebody who is going to fight for that. fight for that job and he is a tough political operator. and there is no other reason why you get to be someplace like being senate minority leader without having a tough skin. >> thank you. now let me bring in nbc justice correspondent pete williams with more. as i understand it, there has to be a formal request made to the fbi to investigate? you obviously know this better than anyone. what is the procedure here for the fbi or any federal investigators to get involved here? >> well, they've done it. they've called the u.s. attorney in louisville. and a federal official says that the fbi is looking into these allegations. tamron, there are three legal questions here. who made the tap
Apr 13, 2013 6:20pm EDT
how the process goes, we suspect he will try to do something. again, the longer it harry reid allows the debate to go, the more permits to have an up or down vote. all we're trying to do is make sure there is thoughtful consideration of this and that second amendment rights are not infringed upon. if that happens, hats they will hold on. this is about process. long as there is, i'm all for it. >> both chambers of congress will return on monday. you can watch of the house live at noon on c-span and the senate live at 2 p.m. on c-span 2 would legislative work on the gun bill starting on tuesday. >> this week, the president's weekly address is given by francine wheeler. the mother of a six-year-old boy ,ho was killed in the nude town connecticut elementary shooting. she calls for action on new gun- control laws. this is the first time someone other than president obama or vice president biden has delivered the weekly address. the republican i just is given by the representative of indiana. she or the president to work with republicans to balance the urges theshe president to work with r
FOX News
Apr 14, 2013 12:30pm PDT
we're forgetting that harry reid is in charge of the senate. if the president saying we have to have a vote. pick up a phone and call harry reid and they're both from the same party. what's wrong with that? why aren't we hearing that? why isn't there a front page piece saying where is harry reid. >> the national journal ran a piece and jumped the gun and said that the n.r.a. had already won so it and the all one way or the other. the national journal came out with this, you know, the n.r.a. wins this. that's just not true. >> i want to talk about the newtown families and our hearts go out to them and can't imagine what they're going through. it's a week now and they've appeared on cnn and had a big photo spread in people magazine. >> and the president flew to connecticut and he we saw the speech and they lobbied lawmakers on capitol hill. what do you think about the way the newtown family has allowed itself to be put out there and sort of used for political purposes? >> it's the way things work now and it has been extremely effective. mike allen and jim vandheim in politico had a story
FOX News
Apr 13, 2013 11:00am PDT
there in the country, and the white house doesn't understand that. and that's why harry reid is having such a difficult time getting any sort of bill through the senate. >> stuart: did newtown not change the political equation? >> not out in the country, i don't think he it did. >> for a while it did, but you're already seeing, at least according to the most recent wall street journal/nbc poll, but that the demand for gun controls is being reduced, coming down dramatically over the last month and part of it is the public looking what's happening. the president says it's not about me, it's not about politics, but look at what the bills would do. all of these recent shootings were about mentally ill people shooting unarmed victims. there's nothing in either of the toomey amendment or the underlying bill that addresses this tough question of how do you keep guns out of the hands of mentally ill people. there's also nothing about violence in the media. i'm not saying i want to control the media, but if you want to talk about why do these things happen, campbell brown had an interesting op-
Apr 9, 2013 4:00pm PDT
vote. harry reid is weighing what to do. >> i hope republicans will stop trying to shut down debate, start engaging on the tough issues we were sent to washington to tackle. >> even background checks, which are supported by nine in 10 americans face strong opposition. cenk: 90% of americans, what difference does it make? the republicans are looking to filibuster it anyway and joe biden's not going to let them get away with it. >> 13 senators said i will filibuster proceeding on dealing with this national tragedy. won't even proceed. now maybe between now and the time it gets on the floor, they will ask, my mother will say they will have seen the light. maybe that will change. what an embarrassing thing to say! cenk: you know, it's refreshing to see democrats fighting back this hard. on a tiny little thing background checks. we told you over 90% of americans agree with it, but when the republicans usually go to do a filibuster, democrats usually cave. in this case, at least they're putting a fight up. in fact, president obama wow he took a really interesting move after speaking in co
Apr 8, 2013 6:00am PDT
harry reid. saying in you new gun restrictions would violate the second amendment. >> they deserve a simple vote. they deserve a simple vote. >> reporter: white house officials respond by saying every member of congress applauded the president's call for a vote at the state of the union with newtown families looking on. but officials won't say whether the president would sign a watered down bill without background checks. >> not going to make any predictions, but we'll try to get the stroeks bill we can. >> reporter: now, so far, carol, democrats in the senate have been pinning their hopes on discussions between west virginia democrat joe manchin and oklahoma republican tom coburn, they been trying to work out some sort of compromise on a provision that would love the background checks. very been able to do so so far. so you now a new dialogue with pennsylvania republican pat toomey and the hopes they can perhaps strike a deal. democrats say they're hopeful that something is there, but at the same time, they admit this isn't a done deal and it also could still fall apart. >> it certa
Apr 8, 2013 5:00pm PDT
majority leader harry reid said he's losing pay against with g.o.p. obstruction with judicial nominees. he's threatening to use the so-called nuclear option again the senate filibuster. here's what he told the nevada public radio friday. >> we as a body have the power on any given day to change the rules with a simple majority. i will do that if necessary. >> john: indeed, we do have the power as long as it's over judicial nominees and not against the nra's attempt to block any meaningful or popular gun reform. where have we heard that before about the nuclear option for filibuster. oh that's right. you were supposed to reform the filibuster at the start of the senate session as promised? is harry reid is going to do something? i refuse to believe it because i will not have my party broken again. prove me wrong harry. >>> it appears that immigration reform has been put on a remarkably fast track. the major criticism about the bill being burn issued by the gang of eight say its moving too fast. this they did a joint interview to show their unity on the legislation and to answer any crit
Apr 9, 2013 3:00pm PDT
leader harry reid started the day by calling on republicans to vote for a proposed gun safety bill. and he cited his own very personal experience with gun violence. >> sometimes people with a passion will purchase a handgun to do bad things with it. some even kill themselves. waiting a few days helps. >> michael: newtown families have said the exact same thing making common sense changes to laws might have made the difference for their children. and today 11 of those family members met with vice president joe biden before heading to capitol hill. biden described what they told him, and in no uncertain terms he called on congress to act. >> one remarkable woman who has a background in psychology and psychiatry said, you know, how--how do they explain not doing anything? my little girl, my baby was hiding in a bathroom, and she got shot through the heart. now it's time for every man and woman in the senate to stand up and say yay or nay i'm for or i'm against. >> michael: but in washington as we have come to learn, a yay or nay vote is anything but simple. 14 republican senators led
Comedy Central
Apr 24, 2013 1:00am PDT
. >> true success is a lifelong politician like harry reid whose watered down gun legislation was carefully designed to protect those who needed it most. >> he has a responsibility as the democratic leader to protect the caucus. >> the caucus needs to be protected, the caucus does. >> they need to be protected politically. >> how many political careers have been tragically ended by gun control. >> we've lost some good folks over the years because of their views. >> right. you have a perfectly healthy political career and then bang. >> just like that. >> which means former australia prime minister john howard has blood on his hands. >> dow ever think about the innocent victims of your gun control. >> there were no innocent victims of my-- there were no victims at all. there is the photograph of rob, he was incredibly courageous supporting our laws. >> but politically he is dead, bang, just like that. >> we lost an election as we all do at some point. >> but howard is not alone. his deputy prime minister tim fisher also refuses to accept responsibility for these career massacres. >>
Apr 9, 2013 7:00am EDT
, where the bill now begins. we heard yesterday from harry reid, who put the bill on the floor, and is putting pressure on republicans, including 13 senators who have announced that they will oppose the legislation. this is done -- this is from " the new york daily news," "give us a vote." for republicans, 202-585-3881. for democrats, 202-585-3880. for independents, 202-585-3882. we welcome our audience on c- span radio, heard coast-to-coast on xm radio. what is on your mind this morning? tyrone? go ahead. caller to a good morning. host: good morning. caller: republicans are coming back to work and did not do anything to help this president. it should not be this way. we are all god's people. host: is it racism or partisan politics? ander: is partisan politics racism. host: jack, what is on your mind? caller: i wanted to comment on the gun ban. i believe the constitution is the most important thing in this country at this point in time. i am very sorry about the people that were killed. but i still believe that we need to keep the constitution in -- constitution intact. the call.k y
Comedy Central
Apr 24, 2013 7:30pm PDT
aid to harry reid jim manly. >> the nra is still a very powerful force in this country. they have four million members who are very, very determined to get their way. >> and how can a nation of 300 million compete with that? >> it's difficult to understand sometime, isn't it but the fact of the mat certificate that i've got to think long and hard before you support gun control legislation because you are take on the nra can be political suicide. >> and the democratic party is working tirelessly to reduce the rate of political suicide among its members. surely australian politicians weren't stupid enough to end their political lives for gun control. >> well, i did. >> what? >> i did. >> you did what? >> i took the stand. i was prepared to face the political consequences, and we delivered gun control. >> meets rob borebich former premier of queensland, australia's most conservative state. in 1996 he was instrumental in enacting gun control, knowing it would cost him his political career in the next election. >> we paid a high political price but we did the right thing. look, there are au
Apr 21, 2013 6:00pm PDT
this, i think there will be second-guessing on the democrats' strategy. harry reid appears to go to an early vote. there was never an attempt to make this a real filibuster to challenge. once the 13 people said they were going to filibuster, ackground checks, that was challenge. ok, let's go to the mattresses. 60 days, 60 nights like we did on civil rights and make them stand up and defend that position. instead of allowing it to .ecome a pressure thing the sponsors said if the nra had not scored this and said this is what they're going to make their graydon, 15 senators would have voted differently. i do not know if he is right. . i think that tells you something. he said if morning this vote had taken place in january instead of april, it would have been a different story. because it dragged out it became the bloomberg-obama background check. when that happened, it never had a chance. >> timing means a lot. i am not sure whether republicans, any republicans will pay a price for this, or any democrats. i think charles had it right. it is a one issue vote for people who view their gun
Apr 12, 2013 7:00am EDT
are trying to equal the playing field. that is seen as appealing. as majority leader harry reid given any indication on whether there would be a limit on the number of amendments? .uest: that is the big unknown there were enough republicans that voted for this that he is going to allow just about everything. i think he understands that not only are republicans interested in that, but there are enough democrats interested in that. guns is an issue that breaks down really more over geography than ideology. it has a lot of democrats facing reelection in a rural and midwestern states, guys like -- mary landrieu of louisiana, mark begich of alaska, they need to be able to show their constituents that they were part of a fair and open and exhaustive debate on this issue so that just about every single proposal out there is considered, and in the end, depending on what is in the final bill, they will cast a vote. i think he understands that enough democrats will say, you have to allow certain votes on some of the controversial amendments on either side of the issue in order to get my vote. h
Apr 2, 2013 5:00pm PDT
policies he's called for are not controversial measures but is it fair to say that harry reid has given the senators who were afraid of the vote cover by letting the filibuster still run the congress? or at least the senate? >> look, i think, you know, har harry reid said it was a big mistake not to reform the filibuster. i imagine he's seeing that again whether it is judicial nominations or this legislation. as far as i can tell, there does not seem to be a strong desire by the republicans to filibuster. so i think that harry reid is headed to bring a bill to the floor he doesn't think it could pass. and you know, look, harry reid two years ago was really trying to woo the nra vote. i don't know if that's driving him now but he probably has more sensitivity than he probably should have to other senators who are worried about the nra. >> john: no disrespect to the politicians but colin don't you think if there is ever an issue you're willing to lose your job over, it is an issue like saving american lives. when you think about how president obama has been asking the public to push legis
FOX Business
Apr 24, 2013 9:20am EDT
. blame the sequester. maximum pain, harry reid saw it coming. >> meals on wheels has a waiting list the first time in 16 years. it's going to effect meal and wheel programs all over the country and they've cut the size of meals they're serving the elderly to save money. >> he's in congress and he's blaming the cuts. here is another example, it's a small one, but it counts. nasa canceling an open house event at the jet propulsion lab in california. attracts 30,000 visitors, canceled. most are kids. sorry, blame the cuts, blame congress. that's that story. apple, that's going to be the stock of the day at least from the start, look at it go down big. it reported a drop in profit, its first of a decade. 392 right now. let's see what it does when it opens. where does that leave tim cook? no specifics from him as far as new products are concerned and the stocks clearly taking a beating and apple did raise its dividend. obviously, it's going to watch that all morning for you. >> all right, next, the opening bell and the question, where were you at 1:05 p.m. yesterday. when the market drop
Apr 17, 2013 4:00pm PDT
it? we're done? there is no hope? >> michael: cenk harry reid even changed his vote to a no vote because as leader that entitles him to bring the legislation up again on the senate. that's important. >> that's the half glass full that i was going to bring up. it wasn't even an universal background check in this particular bill. it's the weapons ban the magazine limit all of those things were getting shaved off that we've been talking about over the past month or two. at least with this not that i wanted this to happen, but it could have been something that they could have just passed it. they could have settled in and said we did everything with gun control, now you can shut up about it. and it wasn't much. now maybe now they can bring back something stronger. >> cenk: that's really interesting. i want to concentrate on that point. that's a really good point and i hadn't thought of it that way. so usually they do a fig leaf, hey, i gave you 95% change. we gave you financial reform, everybody go away. here they didn't do the fig leaf. they might have been smart to the fig leaf. ev
Apr 3, 2013 5:00pm PDT
not using the bully pulpit enough. i think the burden is on harry reid-- >> harry reid is this worst whip--this guy couldn't sell a bong at a convention. connot rally his caucus in a way that is profoundly--it's horrifying to watch. >> and the local joes of petty coat junction. >> john: harry reid is in a tight race in his state. he has decided not to reform the filibuster because he would rather be a senator in his 80s than doing the right thing. is that, too, hash? >> no, we need one longer term for everyone and no reruns. >> john: we'll be back after the break to pick apart one more crazy theory, the rapture. even if you're a bible fundamentalist, it's crazy balls. see new a second. the ten commandments, that's what you're saying. (vo) she's joy behar. >>current will let me say anything. >> john: welcome back. finally it's time for tonight's f-bomb. the latest ppp poll reveals that 13% of americans including 22% of mitt romney voters believe president obama is the antichrist. but believing obama is the demonic supernatural being is not nothing. some think that because his middle n
Apr 9, 2013 6:00pm PDT
up, harry reid. filibuster or no filibuster? i will talk to various people about that and also gabby giffords. a remarkable interview she conducted earlier. we'll have a lot more on guns after the break. did you know, your eyes can lose vital nutrients as you age? [ male announcer ] that's why there's ocuvite to help replenish key eye nutrients. ocuvite has a unique formula not found in your multivitamin to help protect your eye health. ocuvite. help protect your eye health. redesigned site has this new score planner tool with these cool sliders. what's this one do? i dunno. ♪every rose has it's thorn score planner is free to everyone. free score applies with enrollment in bret michaels slider still in beta. stay top of mind with customers? from deals that bring them in with an offer... to social media promotions that turn fans into customers... to events that engage and create buzz... to e-mails that keep loyal customers coming back, our easy-to-use tools will keep you in front of your customers. see what's right for you at >>> sh
Apr 18, 2013 5:00pm PDT
clips all went down to defeat, majority leader harry reid said it was time to take a pause on the issue. >> president obama said it was a shameful day for the senate. and it probably was. i agree. we should make no mistake. this debate is not over. in fact, this fight is just beginning. >> john: one of the first broadsides came from one of the most prominent gun violence victims in recent years. former representative gabby giffords published a blistering editorial in "the new york times" where she called out the senate gun bills' opponents as cowards and i quote... and where the courage issue was concerned, one of the background checks bills' sponsors, west virginia senator, joe manchin, clearly seemed to agree. >> things don't go right in any election i get to go home. i get to go home to my family, my children, my grandchildren. i can't figure out when the facts are right in front of you to do what you need to do. >> john: families of the sandy hook shooting victims lobbied congress with the support of the white house. including the school-age siblings of 7-year-old daniel barde
FOX News
Apr 2, 2013 9:00pm PDT
they're being extra cautious, it's harry reid protecting all of these democrats up for reelection in the senate in 2014, from red states. red state democrats, by not bringing this legislation for a vote. so, the political cowardess is coming from harry reid. but if they now go for ammunition, it's just another way of rendering the gun useless. there's no point. and take an ar-15 and hit an intruder over the head? good luck. >> exactly. >> sean-- >> democrats lost after the assault weapons ban in 1994 and that's why harry reid doesn't want it in effect now. he was trying to save democrats a little base. >> sean: leslie, if this was the moral imperative and they really thought this was the answer even though none of the laws would have prevented newtown. what does it say about the party, they don't have the courage of conviction, and looking to the election than they are what they believe is the safety of children? >> i don't agree with that at all. and in my state here in california, mike thompson, who is an avid hunter owns numerous guns and knows more about guns and usage of guns th
FOX News
Apr 25, 2013 6:00pm PDT
advisor to prince harry reid. we agree on deval patrick, the right to privacy? what about the right to people to maintain their lives and their limbs and legs? >> i think what these two individuals did was disgusting and what they engage in was a mastermind of terror. i think that they should be punished accordingly. but i do agree with the governor in being able to deny a newspaper that right -- >> sean: why? no. >> turning it over to the government -- >> sean: we're going to learn everything about you. >> i understand. and actually for once i agree with george will, what he wrote in the "washington post" that we have to tread carefully. i know i'm not going to be the most popular person here trying to defend civil liberties. but the one -- >> sean: wait a minute. so you support mir ran did -- hang on a second. this guy mightandaizeing. mean about foreign influence, sources of money, future attacks. we have the guilt or innocence, it's not an issue. so we're going to shut down any interrogation of this guy and that means whatever attacks are on the books, they go forward. you can live
FOX Business
Apr 25, 2013 9:20am EDT
some want flexibility in cross the board cuts. they felt the public's heat and senator harry reid may have changed the position and he wants to get rid of all the cuts by taking unspent military money rather than forcing yet more tax increases, that's a shift. despite the hand wringing congress goes on recess next week, weren't they on break just last month? senator tom coburn not happy about this and joins us at the top of the hour not happy with the f.a.a. or welfare for the suspected terror bombers and then there's harry reid saying the sequester is going to cost us a cure for cancer. this will be a good one. here is something you know, our national debt continues to grow he 16.8 trillion now and here is something we all suspected, but now we know for sure, we're worried stiff by this debt. a new poll shows 83%, the vast majority say it's a major concern. debt is not on your back burner, it's right at the front. and we saw this one coming from a mile away. the new owner of hostess says twinkies will be made without union labor. we've got that for you and the opening bell right afte
Apr 8, 2013 5:30pm PDT
harry reid saying they will oppose any bill that infringes on the second amendment. >> owe the parents of these 20 babies that were murdered at sandy hook elementary school. >> reporter: somefullys left connecticut with the -- some families left connecticut with the president on air force one. ktvu channel 2 news. >>> the u.s. senate confirmed president president obama's nominee to head the securities and exchange commission. >>> the number of democrats showing support for same-sex marriage continues to grow today. he was the latest to endorse it. he said his views has revolved. that leaves three to come out in support for gays and lesbians couples to marry. >>> jc penny's board of directors ousted its ceo. he was on the job for 16 mungs. they said it led to -- months. they said it led to massive sales drops. >>> wikileaks released 2 million secret u.s. government documents from the 1970s. they are about henry kissinger when he was secretary of state. no shocking revelations so far but the founder insisted that this latest leak is consistent with his mission. >> our analysis sh
Apr 10, 2013 12:00am PDT
at newtown. let's take a break. coming up, harry reid. filibuster or no filibuster? i will talk to various people about that and also gabby giffords. a remarkable interview she conducted earlier. we'll have a lot more on guns after the break. ♪ beep beep what?a score alert ♪if you set your phone to vibrate ♪ ♪ then it might alert your button flies all the ♪ ♪ girls and the guys wanna keep that credit score ♪ ♪ high like a private jet free-credit-score-dot-com ♪ ♪ don't forget! narrator: offer applies with enrollment in u ♪ [ indistinct shouting ] [ male announcer ] time and sales data. split-second stats. [ indistinct shouting ] ♪ it's so close to the options floor... [ indistinct shouting, bell dinging ]'ll bust your brain box. ♪ all on thinkorswim from td ameritrade. ♪ >>> she's improving every day but gabby giffords' life will never be the same after being shot in the head in arizona two years ago. she and her husband mark kelly are front and center in the battle for gun control. in a moving interview with cnn's dana bash, w
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Apr 29, 2013 9:20am EDT
senator harry reid said that budget cuts would prevent researchers from finding a cure for cancer. and even aids, but now, a new report suggests we could be on the verge of a cure for hiv. we bring you the headline and the full story coming up at the stop top of this hour. the 7 early movers, j.c. penney has a commitment for 1 3/4 billion dollar loan arranged by goldman sachs, and up 17.47, another 2% up on j.c. penney. did you buy name brand or generic drugs at the pharmacy. valeant up in talks. and activas. and hotels, higher profits at the industrial products maker eton, sales disappointment and up 2 bucks on eaton. and penske auto group runs car dealerships, 30 bucks on penske. and j.c. penney names matt zames, as the former leaves and he's going to run first data corporation. the dow is up 20 points. we showed you this at the top of the hour, a flyer produced by the u.s. government that advertises stood stamps for illegal immigrants. how do you feel about that? eric bolling is here next. clients are always learning more to make their money do more. (a) to help me plan my next move
Apr 9, 2013 9:00pm PDT
common sense. >> an emotional and personal appeal from senate majority leader harry reid on universal background checks. here with me now, connecticut's two senators who say if their colleagues won't take a stand on gun control, it will be nothing short of insulting and outrageous to the memory of the victims of newtown. joining me are senators richard blumenthal and chris murphy. i think we should read out the names of the senators who signed up for the filibuster. mitch mcconnell, rand paul, cruz, rubio, inhofe, moran, burr, johnson, enzi, crapo and senator roberts. shame on all of you. i find it completely outrageous that over something as important as this, these characters would sign up to basically refuse to allow a vote. what is your reaction as to this letter? >> my reaction is the american people are going to be very aghast and deeply angry if a handful, small group of united states senators block a vote. the president has said that the newtown victims as well as the victims of aurora and of virginia tech and columbine deserve a vote. and so do the american people.
Apr 17, 2013 5:00am PDT
lider de la mayoria en el senado, harry reid, dijo que fue interceptada en el correo una carta enviada al senador roger wicker con un veneno letal que luego fue indentificado como ricino.y el candidato opositor venezolano henrique capriles suspendio la marcha que habia convocado para el miercoles ante denuncias de posibles infiltrados del gobierno!! nicolas maduro ya habia prohibido la manifestacionmas en despierta america ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >>> de regreso con mÁs de "primer impacto." en vivo desde boston. y de todas las historias que vimos tras la tragedia estÁn la de tres hermanas, dos competian y una esperaba en la meta. sus testimonios reflejan pÁnico y emociÓn. >>> todavÍa estÁn conmocionadas por los acontecimientos en boston. ya que segÚn ellas se salvaron de la tragedia por minutos. >>> dÓnde se encontraba? >>> en un callejÓn, tratandome de acercar a las gradas. >>> maru calderÓn viajo desde mÉxico para apoyar a sus dos hermanas que participaban en el evento, las vacaciones familiares fueron una pesadilla. >>> fue horrible. el tema era quÉ habÍa sucedido. me pa
Apr 1, 2013 3:00pm PDT
safety legislation is moving forfwhard the senate. are democrats confident harry reid can get quick votes and victories on both? >> not at all. harry reid is from a red state that very much favors loose restrictions on firearms that very much favors the assault weapon's ban, it is going to be a tough bridging of the gap for him either way. >> michael: jim on guns almost every recent opinion poll has found wide-spread support for background checks. you wrote about this. is the nra now losing relevancy with being so out of touch with what the american people want? >> not necessarily with their own base. i think they are still pandering to their constituents fairly effectively. which is why i think there are still a lot of nervous legislators. i'm not so sure particularly on background checks maybe something on straw purchases, but when senator coburn the gynecologist personed politician seems to have drawn his line in the sand on the government keeping a quote registry or keeping anything for more than a nano second, that raises a lot of questions on whether the other folks can come u
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Apr 9, 2013 7:00pm EDT
president of seaports securities and get ready for fireworks on capitol hill harry reid today announced he is holding a showdown on thursday on the efforts to roll back the second amendment and we will have a live report to talk to the congressman about the prospects of gun-control, so-called immigration reform and the president's budget. also mounting speculation that north korea could carry out a nuclear test or missile launch at any moment , fox news military analyst joins us on the worsening rhetoric and what action, if any the united states should take to make sure the conflict remains rhetorical. we have a busy day on capitol hill following the two week easter recess. battle lines forming over immigration reform and the president's long overdue budget as the president makes another attempt to get skeptical senate republicans. and henry has our report. >> one day before she reveals the new budget president obama faced more ink from his liberal allies. protest over the way inflation is counted with cuts in benefit sparked protest outside the white house. >> real democrats do not cut
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Apr 28, 2013 1:00am PDT
themselves and their aides from obamacare exchanges. harry reid flatly kenz this comment as one of chief arc tickets announces his retirement but not before issuing this warning to kathleen sebelius about the healthcare's roll out. >> i ee a huge train wreck. i don't see any results yet. what can you do to help all these people around the country, what in the world do i do? i don't know what to do. >> paul: editorial page editor james free man and joe rago join us with more. james, say it ain't so, exempting themselves from obamacare? >> you have to remind yourself the clip from marcus, that is one of guys that liked it when it passed. he helped write the bill. basically this as been anest for years ever since they have been working on the bill wanting to make sure this wonderful experiment they are about to impose on american people doesn't hit members of congress and their staff. negotiations may be a strong word. i'm told that democrats harry reid, hoyer reached out to republicans. the democrats' view they are clarifying that part of obamacare they are also going to keep the great benefit
Apr 21, 2013 5:00am PDT
both voted no. one of them comes with a gigantic asterisk. we have mitch mcconnell, harry reid. and we have mitch mcconnell. he's the republican leader from kentucky. the giant asterisk i want to get out of the sway harry reid was for back ground checks. he had to change his vote because of procedural issues that will allow him technically potentially to bring up background checks, bring up the bill later if they are ever to get 06 votes for it. i think harry reid is worth mentioning in this discussion because harry reid has evolved quickly on tisch uf guns. reid comes from, i'm going to say it right, nevada. nevada, you know, traditionally gun state. he cultivated support from the nra in 2010. they stayed neutral as soured him on the nra a bit. he expected more help than he got. other issue with harry reid, he is the leader of the democrats in the senate. this is a priority for the party. on top of that, harry reid is in his 70s and up for re-election in 2016. there is an open question of will he try to stay for six more years or is he at the point he is like i'm going finish out m
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Apr 2, 2013 8:00am PDT
red states that are up for election in 2014 know that. and harry reid knows that. it's interesting despite all of the drama, and the excitement of president obama's state of the union address where he said, you know, where he sort of demagogued and said these people need a vote, they deserve a vote and everybody stood up and applauded that was in effect him heckling harry reid. harry reid is the guy who can bring this stuff up for a vote and he doesn't want to because this is a bad vote for democrat snooze we've talked a couple of times on this program with the author dan balm, he's a reporter, a liberal democrat now living in colorado, he's the author of this become, "gun guys." he told us the other day that he thinks that colorado may have hurt the democrat's political chances bypassing some fairly strict gun laws. is there any connection to the fact that president obama is head thr-g to make a personal appearance, maybe a political appearance? >> well, i don't know what ba baum's argument in particular is. one of the things we are seeing is i think a lot of democrats are happy t
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Apr 17, 2013 8:00am PDT
the important thing to remember here is that the senate is controlled by democrats now. harry reid is sort of running the show. and, i know that he has been working his caucus very hard to try to get, and president obama has been working democrats very hard but it sounds like they're still three or four votes shy of that 60. jon: it is my understanding harry reid who has been pretty coy on his intentions about this bill and came out with statements how he intends to vote. >> yeah, this whole bill is a very thorny problem for harry reid. in pass elections he run cam panes that very much focused on his very pro-gun stance. out in nevada it is a very important issue there. now that this is coming up, and as you pointed out in the your invery we're talking about the biggest changes to gun control legislation in decades or at least 15 years now. so how harry reid comes down on this and how much he really wants to see this bill, see the light of day is still up in the air a little bit. jon: as i understand it, there are only four republican senators who have, who have signified they will vo
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